Uber-Lyft Drivers How to Avoid Tickets / Citations at Concerts & Major Events


How Uber and Lyft Rideshare Drivers Can Avoid Tickets and Citations

Uber and Lyft drivers have been plagued  by tickets and citations in every city in the US. It can eat up a good portion of their earnings if it gets out of control. Unfortunately, a ticket cant be written off as an expense or lose, leaving a driver in the negative completely out of pocket.  Ive found in my experience and observing drivers over the last 7 years the number one reason for tickets is because drivers feel like they have special privileges to pick up and drop off riders anywhere they want, or some what like taxi drivers do with their fares. A lack of DMV traffic laws, city rules and regulations is another major reason as many drivers find them selves subject to citations. This can be a hazard and danger to the general public, and get a TNC driver a hefty ticket or major violation.

As the first rideshare driver in the industry, driving since 2011, I have yet to get one ticket or citation driving for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. I made it a point to know the traffic laws, rules and regulations, not to avoid tickets, but for being the safest driver I can be with regards to public safety. When a driver puts safety first as a rule, he/she reduces the chances of receiving a citation, and of course increases public safety.

Hopefully this video will help Uber and Lyft drivers avoid tickets and citations by following the traffic laws, and be a safer and more conscious Uber and Lyft driver.

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