DoorDash Driver Sign-up Bonus Up to $750-Best Referral Code 2018

DoorDash Sign Up Bonus Referral Code Promo Up to $800 for 2019

doordash driver sign-up bonus referral promo code

DoorDash Sign Up Bonus for Drivers-Best Referral Promo Code 2019!

Doordash sign up bonus-If you’re looking for a generous Doordash sign up bonus consider this your last stop!

I’ve gathered all the information you need on how to sign up to become a Doordash driver including our exclusive Doordash driver promo code which will enable you to claim a new driver bonus up to $800.

DoorDash is one the largest and fastest growing on-demand restaurant/food delivery service apps boosting well over 10 million deliveries annually, partnered with 50,000 plus local restaurants, and well established in over 300 cities throughout the US. Founded in 2013 by Andy Fang, Stanley Tang and Tony Xu in the dorms of Stanford University, Doordash has become a top competitor in the on-demand food delivery sector while amassing a huge customer base and a network of fast and efficient Doordash drivers.

With its overwhelming success and rapidly increasing customer base, Doordash is constantly looking for new drivers to meet the ongoing customer demand. Newly vetted Doordash drivers are offered competitive incentives and great average hourly pay, as well as an enticing new driver Doordash sign up bonus just to get started.

That’s right Doordash is giving away a huge cash sign-up bonus reward for new drivers just for signing up and completing a set number of minimum deliveries in your city. To qualify for your DoorDash sign up bonus be sure to use our official and verified referral link in order to be eligible for the best bonus in your area.

DoorDash Sign up Bonus for New Drivers!

Don’t pass up the opportunity to be a DoorDash driver and earn up to $25hr while getting a generous new driver DoorDash sign up bonus. DoorDash is one of the fastest growing on-demand food delivery companies on the planet with an exploding customer base, and the need for drivers to meet the demand. Sign up to be DoorDash driver today while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss, work when you want, on your terms!

Doordash Driver Signup Bonus Referral Promo Code

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Doordash Driver Promo Code

Signing up to be a Doordash driver or courier is as easy as 1-2-3. To claim your new driver Doordash sign up bonus and apply a Doordash referral code for new drivers be sure to follow the simple steps below:

  • Click on the promotional Doordash sign up bonus link to get started and ensure you receive a cash bonus once you complete the required trips in your city
  • Fill in your first, middle, last name, birth date, and create a password
  • Consent to a background check by adding request info including social security number
  • Be sure to use our official and verified Doordash sign up bonus referral promo code link when you sign up
  • The Doordash Referral Code is now Embedded in the Offical Verified Referral Link!
  • After signing up check email for your Doordash sign up bonus amount and additional application instructions
  • Upload all required documents that apply such as drivers license, insurance, and registration
  • Attend and complete an online orientation (depends on the city), or visit a DoorDash orientation/activation center as instructed
  • Wait for a background check to clear, and DoorDash to notify of approval
  • -Once approved DoorDash will instruct you to download the DoorDash app, and have your app and account activated at the nearest DoorDash driver/courier activation center

Note: You will be notified by email on further details regarding the Doordash sign up bonus, referral code, eligibility, requirements and Doordash terms of service.

To find out the exact amount of your potential Doordash sign up bonus click on the official verified referral link and sign up today. Your Doordash sign up bonus is based on the current promotion for your city and the corresponding amount will be generated and indicated in the email from Doordash.

How to Claim Your New Driver DoorDash Sign Up Bonus

After you become approved and offically vetted as a Doordash courier its time to hit the road to earn some cold cash, and of course huslte toward working for the new driver Doordash sign up bonus. One of the biggest questions for new or potentially new drivers is what do they need to do for they’re in order to get a reward, how much are the sign up bonus amounts, and how much will they reciece for thyere bonus. I’ll do my best to break it down clearly so you know exaclty what to do in order to qualify and receive your Doordash sign up bonus. Read the following carefully and be sure not to miss any steps:

  1. The first step to claiming your Doordash sign up bonus for new drivers is sign up using an Offical Verified Doordash Referral Link like ours which now has Doordash referral code embedded in the URL. Theres no need to apply any codes, simply use our offical link and sign up today.
  2. The second step is making sure you fill out the application completetly and correlcy. Any mistakes or errors in spelling, email, or phone can void and disqualify you for any potential reward.
  3. Finally, new approved and vetted drivers must complete a set number of deilirse to be eligalbe for their Doordash sign up bonus reward. Bonus amounts and the required delivery trips vary on the promotion for each city. Ex. The required deliveries for a new driver Doordash sign up bonus in Boise, ID may be 150 deliveries within the first 75 days, while the required delivery trips for a sign up bonus San Francisco may be 150 deliveries witnin 60 days.

Note: Doordash sign up bonus amounts may vary and may be up to $800 depending on the city/market and/or promotional time period.




Doordash Driver Signup Bonus Referral Promo Code

How DoorDash Works for Drivers

  • As a Dasher, you will receive delivery requests Via the DoorDash app, pick up food orders, and deliver them directly to the customer
  • You can either schedule shifts up to 6 days in advance or simply go online and choose the “Dash Now” option for a random request. You can also drop into shifts anytime without scheduling providing those shift slots are still available
  • Sometimes the customer enters their order through the app and pays through the app, all you do is pick up the food
  • Sometimes you have to personally make the order and pay with a special DoorDash credit card called the ‘Red Card’
  • Other times customer support enters the order and all you do is pay with the Red Card and pick up the delivery
  • You have to select a shift within a geographical area at least one hour before you drive
  • Delivery requests will be limited to the geographical region you select

DoorDash Driver & Courier How to Deliver Video’s

No Car. No Problem-DoorDash with Bicycles and More

You don’t need to own a car to be a Doordash courier. In fact, there are currently thousands of Dashers on the road today using alternative modes of transport to deliver to Doordash customers throughout the U.S. Every City and/or local market is different allowing you the option in most cases to use not just a car, but bicycles, scooters, motorcycles or even the option for walking deliveries in some markets. With so many options at your disposal to you’ve got no excuse to start delivering for Doordash and earning top money on your terms!

Doordash Driver Available Cities

Doordash driver sign up bonus

Doordash Driver Referral Code Available Cities:

Doordash is available for new drivers in over 300 cities in the US and growing. To qualify for your new driver Doordash sign up bonus be sure to click on the official Doordasd referral code link and carefully fill out all necessary information. Keep in mind your Doorsash referral code is embedded in the URL link thus there is no need to add a Doordash driver referral code during the sign-up process.

To get started as a Doordash driver just click on the links next to your city, sign up, upload required the documents, and wait to be scheduled for a Doordash online or live driver orientation.

NOTE: Doordash sign up bonus amounts for new drivers are generated based on the city information you input in the sign-up form only. If you don’t see your city listed don’t worry simply click on this official verified Doordash referral link and be sure to enter your city correctly to generate the correct bonus for your city.


Popular City Doordash Driver Referral Code & Promotions

IMPORTANT: You can use any city link below to sign up as they are all the same. Your Doordash sign up bonus will be determined by the “city” you enter in the new driver Doordash sign-up form. You can even use this link here as well because the sign-up bonus referral or promo code is embedded in all the links below. So don’t worry if your city is now listed any Doordash sign up bonus link will do!

NOTE: The Doordash sign up bonus for new drivers is based on the city you enter in the new Doordash driver sign-up form and not a specific link thus you can use any link above to generate a sign-up bonus.

DoorDash Driver & Vehicle Requirements

  • Drivers must be 18 or older
  • Must have a Valid Driver’s License
  • Must have Valid Insurance
  • Drivers cannot have any major violations in the last 7 years, including DUI, Reckless Driving, Homicide or Assault, Driving with a suspended license, failure to stop or report and driving with a license that is suspended or expired
  • Drivers with fewer than 2 years of driving experience cannot have any incidents* in the last 3 years
  • Drivers under 21 with more than 2 years of driving experience cannot have more than 1 incident* in the last 3 years
  • Drivers 21 and older with more than 2 years of driving experience cannot have more than 2 incidents* in the last 3 years

DoorDash Driver Background Check

All Doordash drivers must go through a background check prior to being considered to be a dasher. The following will most likely disqualify you as a vetted Door dasher:

  • No violent crimes
  • No sexual offenses
  • No theft
  • No property damage
  • No felonies

Doordash Driver Suggested Supply List

  1. A qualifying car, Bicycle, scooter or good walking shoes
  2. A smartphone (IOS or Android)
  3. Decent Data Plan
  4. Charging cables (car)
  5. Phone mount (car)
  6. Doordash app
  7. Google Maps or Waze for accurate and efficient navigation
  8. Insulated delivery bag for cold/hot food ( I keep 2 type bags in my trunk. A flat pizza insulator bag for pizza, and the square-shaped Doordash bag for boxed type food orders). Doordash will provide you with a bag during orientation. Doordash may not provide a pizza bag so I suggest you buy one on Amazon as half of your deliveries may be pizza

Doordash Driver Pay & Rates

Doordash drivers can be paid up to $25 per hour according to Doordash’s national data and statistics as posted on their website:

  • Doordash drivers are paid a flat fee per delivery, around $7 – $11 per trip
  • Doordash drivers are paid a guarantee of at least $10 per hour in the event they earn less than $10 per hour
  • Doordash customers have a tipping option in the app which encourages them to tip. 100% of all tips are kept by the Doordash driver.
  • Doordash driver earnings are paid weekly via electronic direct deposit
  • DoorDash Drivers average earning range is $16–$24/hour

DoorDash Driver Tips & Strategies

I’ve put together a number of helpful tips to help you stay on top of your Dash game, and earn more money:

  • Wear your shirt – Wearing your Doordash t-shirt is not a requirement but it can help you get your orders faster when restaurant staff recognizes you as a DoorDasher and helps to expedite your oder quicker. This can save you a lot of time getting in and out of the restaurant which in turn can help you earn more money. Time is money. The faster you can pick up and drop off orders, the more money you can earn!
  • Know the busy areas – try to begin your Dash requests in the busiest areas where you know most restaurants are located, then try to return back to those areas after you drop off your last delivery. By concentrating and returning to the busy zones you can increase your chances of being matched with more orders faster, thus earn more income.
  • Confirm quickly – You have 60 seconds to confirm orders when a delivery request comes in the app. Doordash drivers or couriers who stay on top of incoming request on their phone are better prepared to earn the most.
  • Keep customers informed – keeping your customers informed and updated on their food delivery order status can help you maintain a 5-star rating. Not every delivery will be perfect. If you’re running late on delivery because of unexpected or extenuating circumstances out of your control, simply call or notify the customer with an update of the new delivery ETA
  • Double-check all items during pick up – the last thing you want is having to re-deliver a food item because the restaurant failed to get the ordinal order correct or get a poor customer rating. Its your job to ensure all food items listed in the app match what was received and packed by restaurants. Be sure to ask a restaurant staff member to double-check that all items are prepared and packed, and all knives, forks, napkins, and condiments are included.

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